March 2017
A lot has happened in the past 4 yrs and forgive the lack of updates. There’s been a plethora of releases to listen to and this new website as of a few days ago. I hope to be able to keep this going as long as finances allow.
Please also check my Youtube channel for videos or indeed the videos section of this site.
There are also quite a few uploads of FREE albums etc on as well as tracks on Soundcloud.

All the best to each and every one of you. Many thanks.

November 2013

The 3 Pleasure Cast albums are available for streaming (FREE) or download from

as of now. There will be a 4th to follow and a fifth EP which may be released before the 4th.

The first 3 albums are all available for purchase for the princely sum of £2.99 GBP each and will be digital downlaod only after all.

The address is as follows:

Thank you everyone for your continued support and enjoy!

Sorry for the hiatus to have been longer than expected. These things never are over and done with as quick as one expects.

May 2012

Just in the process of duplicating 250 copies of new cassette only album. ‘Our Sons of Stimulation’ by The Pleasure Cast.

Hope to be available in next couple weeks.

The album will come on a tdk c60 tape, plays same both sides.

Price: TBC inc P+P

It may be a different moniker, but it’s the Judas Vigilante you all know and love!

It’s a lo-fi affair, guitar and vox recorded on an Apple Ipod touch and mastered in Logic. Hope you like and enjoy!


Check out the following link for a few FREE mp3’s of a new project, Tentative Tusk.

The 3 tracks currently on offer are demos, but nevertheless along the sound of the finished article.

Link as follows:

December 2010

Judas has been busy this past 2-3 months and has written, recorded and will soon release 3 brand new albums as well as an album that was written and recorded a couple of years ago, but is only seeing the light of day now.

These will be available both as physical CDRs with artwork or as mp3 streams/downloads from the media section of the site.

If you want a CDR please make contact via email ( and request your FREE (as usual) copy.

The 3 new records written and recorded in Oct/Nov of this year are guitar and vocal mainly, recorded as ever quite lo-fi, though acceptable sound quality is maintained throughout!

They are as follows:

“The Suicide Knobs’ Fanatical Bedroom Deposits” (by Judas Vigilante)

“Universal Star Bursting OR Kamikaze Raygun Elder” (by Judas Vigilante)

“Self Inflicted One Star King Of Sloppy” (by Judas Vigilante)

The fourth (recorded around 2 yrs ago) is as follows:

“Escape To The Fire and Stone Kids” (by Judas Vigilante) and features backing vocals for the first time by the angelic Miss. Conception.

All will be available for download from this site before/around Christmas. In the meantime, feel free to request a physical CD posted to you.

Sept 2010

New postcard designs will be available soon.

Designed by Judas. These will be posted out to you for free, through normal royal mail with stamp affixed and a message from Judas.Simply send your name and full postal address to

Title your email message Judas Vigilante Postcard.

Numbers are limited.

Sept 2010

3 new videos have been added to the media/video section of the site. They are for the following songs:

Swingers Song

Real-Eyes Twister

Queen King (Ego Inflator)

Each of these songs are from the upcoming album ‘Ambrosia’, due for release before Christmas.

All where shot at Mansion of Madness Studios.

For now, go forth, watch and enjoy!

Judas would also like to point you in the direction of a friends’ website. Jon Moorehead is a mixing and mastering engineer and pretty much everything he touches turns out great. Why not drop by him too and check out what he could do for your band or just enjoy what he’s done for others. The address is

I wish him all the success in the world, greatly deserved and about time too!

December 2009

As per last year and this and from now on( hopefully) Judas records an EP for Christmas. This year we’re a bit late in getting it on the website, though physical copies have been and will be continued to be given out for a while longer. For the 2009 Holidays the EP is entitled “Jesus Slaves” and is 6 tracks long. It is now available for download/streaming from the media/ music section of this site. Please enjoy and we hope you all had a good break over this past couple weeks. Judas would like to wish everyone a peaceful, properous New Year.

October 2009

The artwork and song titles for 3 new albums have been uploaded to the music/downloads section of the site, the actual music to follow as soon as the mp3 files are done!

We understand that we are behind schedule as 2 of these were meant to be up by September. Sorry folks. Please stay with the force! Or should that be farce!

August 2009

SuperSlave Records are happy to announce the release of both a new Judas Vigilante album and a Captain Kidder long runner! Both will be uploaded to in the next couple of weeks for FREE download. The songs will be in 320 kbps mp3 format and will be in a zipped file along with artwork and wallpapers. The JV album is entitled “Punching Rocks” and the CK album is entitled “By Self, For Self”, a 15 track album that was originally recorded written and recorded in 2003 on 4 track (though quality is excellent). The masters where recently discovered by Judas in his loft and ‘finished’ in order to release it.

Please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment if you like!

Also please note that the mp3’s of “Resuckeration” have finally been uploaded for you all. This was a 5 track EP Judas wrote and recorded in 2 nights for friends and family as a little something extra in their xmas stockings!

January 2009

SuperSlave Records is proud to announce the release of 3 Judas Vigilante cd’s. The first is SWIVEL “69 Part A”. A 5 track EP, the first in a series of 3 under the moniker of Swivel. “69 Part A” is a far more rocking affair than is normally heard from Judas.

The second and third releases are yet another side project release of Judas’, entitled Ark, Part 1 and Part 2. These records are both instrumental 13 track albums and are being released as a pair., together.

For the meantime, these 3 cd’s will be available as mp3’s from the media/downloads section of this site Available for streaming and/or download completely free of charge. So please take advantage while you can. We all hope you enjoy them.

November 2008

Due to a death in Judas’ close family circle, the release of “A Morsel For The Internationals” has been delayed, and will now be released sometime in the New Year. However, soon to be available is a side project release, Swivel: “69 Part A”. A more rocking affair than what we are used to from Judas. Also soon to be available will be Ark (1 and 2) penciled in as two 13 track instrumental albums to be released simultaneously. All these releases and more to be made available from this web site, soon.

September 2008

Judas has confirmed that the new studio album “A Morsel For The Internationals” will be released under Judas Vigilante’s name and that a second album (currently being written and recorded alongside AMFTI will be released around the same time. This release will be a Captain Kidder record and Judas informs us has the working title of “Self Test Laboratory”.

AMFTI is said to be quite synth laden and a little more hi-fi than Judas’ previous offerings. Due to quite a lot of new equipment being purchased, rather than a change of studio.

A bio will soon be put up on , as well as a links section.

If this interests you, please check back soon.

September 2008

Judas is currently in his studio (Mansion of Madness Studio) working as usual alone, for the most part on a new studio album.

He says it probably will be released under the Captain Kidder moniker this time, though nothing is definite and has the working title of

“A Morsel For The Internationals”.

Release is slated for November of this year all being well. Copies will be limited so put your request in for one by contacting us at:

Also, watch out for some previously unreleased material being made available for download from the media/ downloads section of this site.

As well as that there is soon to be uploaded video of Judas, I believe one of the first times he appears on video, performing a song entitled “‘Persona Non Grata”.

A reworked tune, at the time that was originally titled “Autopilate”, from an early album of Judas’, no longer available.