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People who are friends and people I like:

A dear friend of Judas’ website. Mixing and Mastering engineer, a genius and all around nice guy!

Homepages of one of the greatest and most prolific songwriters ever.

Domino Records page for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, one of Judas’ favourite songwriters.

Website for the late, great Vic Chesnutt. Another fav of Judas’.

Another amazing artist, now passed on at his own hands.

Quite simply, the greatest band in the world today. Todd, Tim and Bob churn out classic album after classic album. Genius, every second.

Side project of Robert Pollard. These guys rock you know!

Mental health charity. Don’t suffer in silence.

Judas Vigilante’s official MySpace page.

Home to Judas’ lo-fi indie project.

The father of Lo-fi home recording. 400+ records and still going.

Pink hair, all talent. One of a kind songwriter.

Garage rock at it’s finest and most raw. Super gifted songwriter.

Amazing John Dwyer band, 25 records and still kicking ass.

The most intelligent blogger I know with a great taste in music.

Quality noise for your ear canals from Californ-i-a. Nice guy to boot.

Loved GBV when they recorded lo-fi? Then you’ll love this.

Post-folk greatness from Asa Morris and friends.

Man, this guy has so much talent and super nice too.