Welcome folks to the new home on the web for

The original site which I had ran successfully and continually for 9 years became just a little too expensive with it’s hosting as well as the site looking outdated in part to my lack of experience with the program I was using to design the site.

Over the next days, weeks and months I hope to get most if not all the stuff that was on the original site up on here and more.

There’ll be lyrics, FREE music, videos, other peoples music, collaborations, artwork / photos, news, and maybe some tech talk for all the gear heads!

For now the site is in it’s infancy, but things will change quickly hopefully. Stay tuned and many thanks for your two decades of love, support and listening.


2 Replies to “New home for JUDASVIGILANTE.COM”

    1. Thanks Otto, glad you like some of it. Much, much appreciated. 200 is a long way off though. I think I may die around 175! Cheers. J.

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