Bio / About

Created 1974 / Born 1975 / Discovered music by age 8/9 yrs old / Fav artists included: Queen, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jim Reeves /

Started The Abbots (described as sexadelic punk noise by teacher). First recordings done with school friends were confiscated for being too sexually explicit / Aged 17

Paternal Grandfather dies / Later saw Smells Like Teen Spirit on MTV and within 1 week bought first guitar / Aged 18: went to University/

Formed several bands: Tentative Tusk, Judas and the Demigods and Gopher /

Starts to fuck things up (onstage/ offstage, for reasons we’ll not go into here) / Returns home / Gets crap jobs /

Always writing poetry/ lyrics / Meet ‘Tec’ and form Muzzle and then El Chupacabra (industrial duo) / All the while writing acoustic songs / meet a man called C. L. /

Saves my life with Vic Chesnutt tapes / C. L. and others too, dig the acoustic songs and Judas performs them regularly live. / Receives label offer / £50,000 for 6 months falsness /

Turns it down / Instead records 1st album on digital 4-track /

Bad CD duplication means the copies don’t last long / Meet a girl / 6 days later, ask her to marry me / Girl says yes / Play guitar in covers band (Autopilot) for 2 yrs /

Soul destroying / Get married / Record 1st Captain Kidder record: I Oh I / Record 2nd Captain Kidder record: Ctrl Alt Del / 1st child born / Unwell again / Write

and record ‘manically’ for 3 months (100 songs written) / Upload to Vitaminic and they are top downloads in folk section for months / Record 3rd Captain Kidder record:

Right On Under / Record instrumental album (Ark) it’s never released / 2nd child born / Record 1st Judas Vigilante record: RIPUVIP / Record 1st Joe Relic album:

Never Please / Write and partially record Boo Wee / 3rd child born / Doesn’t write, play or record anything for 3 yrs / Finish Boo Wee / Work begins on /

Starts to write and record 5 different albums in 6 months / Resuckeration EP for Xmas for friends / By Self, For Self master tapes discovered in loft, dusted off and released /

Punching Rocks released / Mr. Hisser and Quantum Rupture albums released / / Recorded on Sony cassette corder TCM-939 As lo-fi as possible /Judas records and releases

‘Jesus Slaves’ 6 song EP /New projects: ‘The Imperial Lab Rat Ministries’ and also, ‘The Utensils’ / Films 3 new videos in a month for songs off of ‘Ambrosia’ album/

Releases under Judas Vigilante moniker the 2 following albums end of 2010: “Universal Star Bursting (OR) Kamikaze Raygun Elder” and “The Suicide Knobs’ Fanatical Bedroom

Deposits”/ Takes a year and a half hiatus for personal/family reasons./Judas returns in 2013 with a new project, The Pleasure Cast/ Under that moniker records and releases “Our Son’s of Stimulation”,

“Self Immolation Day” and “PlumYakkMammalLousyMr. Uni Tire” (aka Asthma Hound)/ Releases TPC IV: Metawonderpuss Nov 2013 / Then 7-track EP: V: The Pythons Jackpot / VI: Screwed From The Start Ep

all in one month (Nov 2013) / Then follow this up with TPC: VII: What’s a Little Violence Between Pointless Celebrities? (album) on Boxing Day of the same year. / Takes a break for 7 months from writing and recording. /

Then July 2014 writes and records Part 1 in The Pleasure Casts’ Dictaphone/Microcassette Series: Gristle-Twist. Also available as Mini CDR. / Then 9 days later writes another album in 1 day (Part 2 in the same Dictaphone/

Microcassette Series titled: “Corpus Vile”. A total of 32 songs written, recorded and released via in 9 days./ Then goes to work on TPC’s alter-ego “Prudence Machete” an experimental music only project.

Releases “Animal Inversion” in August 2014. / Falls in love once again with the Japanoise genre of music. Starts work on the follow up to Animal Inversion./ Judas goes on to between September 2014 and December 2015 to write,

record and release 8 albums and 7 Ep’s of original music under various projects. These include: The Pleasure Cast, Razor Wrists, Captain Kidder, Minimum Sin and Judas Vigilante.This takes the tally to 320+ albums and EP’s and singles
released since 1999.